Beautiful Smile:(When's the Last Time You Smiled?) / by LAZY GENiUS

    I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was smile. Life is beautiful and everything in it is beautiful. No really, there's beauty in everything even if we want to see it or not. There's beauty in war, death, hardships, and even having The Donald as President but, are you willing to see the beauty though? I know, we as humans are conditioned to see the ugly in things, point it out, and harp on it. Why? We control one thing in this world and that's self. We control our ability to smile and see the beauty in all things. If you focus on the ugly, when does beauty have time to arise? Don't get me wrong, everything isn't flowers and birthday cakes when I look around. I know things need to be worked on, and or fixed, but with the time we have on this earth if we all saw beauty in things, the ugly would have no choice but to fade away. Are you willing to see beauty in everything? In the book, "The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery", by Don Miguel RuizDon Jose Ruiz, and Janet Mills, it talks about how lies can't survive in the face of truth. Beauty is truth, with ugly being the lie, and the truth can never be ugly because in it there's life. I'm laughing right now because I said all that to ask; When's the last time you smiled?