Remember we were once considered 3/5ths of a man. That alone should raise a bright colored flag, and offer up a front row seat to the long show of inequality!! As well as, shed light on things even brighter. How can we not be the whole, when we are the origin? 

Lessons prove that it’s Knowledge Wisdom, and that one can’t exist without the other. Peace. (Knowledge- being representation of man; Wisdom- being representation of woman)

There’s no room to beat us down, for something that we were never included in. The Male is all driven U.S. of A. Male dominance was used against African men. The agenda was to make us feel like cowards, for not protecting our riches. (Wives, children, parents, WE) Let’s educate each other. They want us focused on everything except unity. Look around at this sinking ship. Neighborhoods that are predominantly POC are unstable or broken, and there’s no room for growth. I am in no shape or form making excuses for blatant ignorance or mistreatment, but when all 52 cards plus two Jokers are stacked against you, what can one expect. We will never know what being treated equally is, because equality is a foreign word that keeps us from our true destiny. Instead of equality let’s become kin with unification. Once a solid foundation for that is set and dried, everything else will fall in place.


Don’t be afraid. Come on in. The waters fine!!